I owe much to three people:

(1) my mother who recognized talent, encouraged me to draw and paint, and enrolled 9 year old me in the first oil painting class. 

(2) my late husband who supported my pursuit of art through Architecture and encouraged me to work for that first professional degree B.Arch.

(3) a long time friend who inspired and encouraged me, after a major life loss, to pick up the long handled paint brushes again.

For a lifetime, I have been passionate about art and design.

As a child, my first two oil paintings (an old house and a dog family) foretold my future in architecture and animal art. My journey followed a curvy path while I painted part time through marriage, motherhood, real estate brokerage, business management, and the study and practice of Architecture.

In 2005 I came full circle back to studio art and daily painting and established myself as a professional artist.

In early 2006, as a founding member of Art Helping Animals, I was juried into the original Daily Painters Gallery.  

In 2009 I was a co-founder of the internet-based Artists of Texas organization and continue actively in the management of AOT today.

My life philosophy has always been to "build a better world" in whatever way possible. God gave me the gift of art-making to use to that end.

A fifth generation native Texan, I am deeply entwined in the land and lore as I paint the sauce of Texas™  and create an art collage of my life. Finding joy in the process, I design. I draw. I paint."